Connectors at CATCH Electronics

China Manufacturing

We offer the connector range of CKM Electronics completed with Goodwang International

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Customer specific connectors

On demand we develop special connectors, like dimensions, poles or alternative contact specifications.

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Audio connectors

We offer high quality audio connectors for the high end audio industry.

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We offer the connector range of CKM Electronics and Goodwang with focus on Modular Jacks, RJ 45, Esata, USB, FAKRA,  I/O,  Wire to Board, DC jack,  and Terminals.

Wir vertreten die CKM Electronics und Goodwang Stecker Familien; Modular Jacks, RJ 45, E-sata, USB, FAKRA, I/O,  Wire to Board, DC Jack,  und Kontakten.


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Don’t hesitate to contact us as we have experience in this industry and we can advice the best solution for your application.

Zögern Sie nicht, uns zu kontaktieren, da wir Erfahrung in dieser Branche haben und wir können die beste Lösung für Ihre Anwendung beraten.

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